Business leaders understand their business. Strategy is often not written down, agreed upon, and defined clearly enough to determine which investments are and which are not aligned with the strategy. Working with company leaders who understand trends impacting the company and company goals, the strategies necessary to address the trends and achieve the goals are defined. Investments that establish the capabilities needed to implement the strategy are defined. All of the above is prioritized, then mapped to provide explicit traceability.

Enterprise Architecture provides a structured approach to identify the changes needed and the impact of each change on the existing business process, information managed, applications and infrastructure. Based on the priority of the capabilities needed and dependencies on how the changes can be implemented to minimize cost and implementation risk, a sequence of investments is created. Constraints such as budget and the amount of concurrent change that can be managed are applied and a roadmap that defines the sequence and timing of investments is established.

We can help define the strategy and a roadmap that supports the strategy. We can assess an existing project portfolio to identify opportunities for alignment. We can create traceability between strategy and investments.